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    Sourcing Jewelry In Asia For E-Commerce

    diamondsNowadays, it’s becoming more common to open up an e-commerce store that sells jewelry, accessories, and clothing as a hobby. Budding jewelers often have a hard time finding supplies to make their ruby diamond rings, or their opal and diamond necklaces. One of the best ways to find cheap gems to set in rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces is to check out some of the major Asian wholesalers online. Before you start looking up jewel wholesalers from China, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about the right way to find a new supplier.

    • Read the fine print. Does it say whether or not the gems at hand are cut or uncut? Are you sure that it isn’t a ruby-colored crystal instead of an actual ruby? It can be easy to misread small print on a wholesaler’s information supply sheet, so always double check before you order a batch of gems.
    • Ask about the minimum order. You don’t want to be forced to buy 200 rubies if you don’t need 200 rubies. Many wholesale suppliers have minimum orders, so if you are only doing small-scale work, it’s a good idea to ask what the minimum order happens to be.
    • Read up on any supplier’s customer service reputation. It’s easy to end up ordering from a supplier who doesn’t provide good service, or worse, cheats you out of items that you ordered. Make an effort to research your supplier before you place an order, especially if you are worried that you will be spending money that you need to be able to make back.
    • Find out how long it will take for the gems to get to your location, and whether or not you can insure the package. The best suppliers will allow you to get expedited shipping with an insured package option. After all, you are ordering precious gems, and it wouldn’t be good to have them lost on the flight to your home country. Moreover, if your jewelry does become very popular, it’s a good idea to get a supplier that doesn’t take 4 weeks to mail a package.

    If you aren’t sure who to order from, it’s a good idea to ask a friend who also happens to enjoy jewelry making to refer you to a new supplier. After all, quality friends will be happy to refer you to quality vendors.

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    3 Tips For Making Tough Business Decisions

    From time to time, everyone must face a moment in their business when they must make a tough decision. However, there is not much information available to help us make such decisions, and we are left in the dark as to what to do when faced between choices that could affect many things in our lives. Fortunately, here are 3 tips which can help you make a tough decision.

    First, consider that thinking about your decision will affect what you choose. When you hesitate to make a decision between Thing A or Thing B, you unconsciously tell yourself that you reserve some doubts about the choices. Assuming Thing A is the default decision in most situations and you avoid procrastinating on your choice, research in Psychological Science says that you’re 82% likely to choose Thing A, the default. However, if you wait, you’re only 56% likely to choose the default. Consider how your bias is skewed between the choices if you decide to wait or not.

    Secondly, when making a decision, you should sleep on it. This seemingly contradicts the advice to avoid procrastination, but “sleeping” on a decision means just not thinking about it, and is a strategic way to decide on something. When you consciously think and decide on something, you feel as if you know all of the possibilities and outcomes of that decision. However, when you cease to think about the decision, you leave bias and preconception at the door, allowing your mind to settle on an objectively better situation than you would have if you consciously tried to weigh out the options.

    The final tip for making a tough decision is to think about it from a different perspective. For one, consider time as a factor in your choice: will you feel okay with your decision a month from now, or even 10 years from now? Another thing you should consider is a third-party opinion. Consider what someone else would think or do in your situation. When asking another person for their perspective, take into account that person’s experience in dealing with a similar dilemma to your own.

    In conclusion, a tough decision can easily be made into a right decision when you take into account the way you think about these things. Should you take your time on the decision, don’t think about it. When it comes down to it, consult others and think about it. Your tough decision will be a good decision.

    Negotiating a Remote Work Arrangement

    Staying in your hometown has its good points but if you have the chance, why not travel? Seeing the world can be much more than taking a vacation, it can be a very lucrative and exciting adventure because there are several good paying careers out there that require travel. You can make money; meet people, make connections and experience cultures you have only read about if you don’t mind working remotely.

    By negotiating a remote work agreement you can start seeing the world while you work. Finding a remote job opportunity isn’t as impossible as it might seem either, and there are many good paying careers that will give you the chance to travel. Make sure to sign on with the right company, and with the right benefits, and you’ll soon be traveling to places you’ve never dreamed you’d have the chance to visit.

    The first step to negotiating a remote work arrangement is to show your value. You need to have connections in your industry that trust you. If the people at your company don’t know and value you then you won’t be able to work out of the office. Delivering things on time, being able to meet and even beat deadlines and being reliable is key. If you can’t do this in the office then you certainly won’t be able to do it when you are traveling the world.

    Good paying careers will also require more than just a friendly face for you to be given the opportunity to work remotely; you’ll need a solid proposal. You need to explain how this arrangement benefits your employer, how your experience makes you the perfect candidate, and how it will help aid both sides of the agreement. The proposal doesn’t need to be more than one page but it does need to be clear and concise.

    You’ll also need to offer your employers some sort of trial phase. They need to know that they can trust you when you work from far away. By giving them a trial period for the remote work arrangement you’ll be able to test the waters without throwing too much away. Your employer won’t be risking as much either so you’ll likely be approved.

    Bottom line, when it comes to negotiating a remote work arrangement, show your employer you can be trusted and make a solid proposal. If you do all this and keep up the quality of your work, you’ll soon be working outside of the office and possibly have the opportunity to travel.

    New Site Of The Month

    Every month here at we pick a new site to acknowledge based on user nominations. Sites are judged based on originality, fun factor, and value.

    This month, the award goes to O, Pish Posh!. Our user RyanB who nominated the site, stated that it was “an online magazine for strange news and interesting facts“. While the site is still young, there’s definitely some interesting posts that grabbed our attention, especially 10 Farewell Letters That Will Move You To Tears and
    The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2013. Other posts that grabbed our eye for specific award factors include:

    Original Post

    We chose the posts on scary legends and “weird names you have to see” for their originality value.

    Fun Factor

    For the fun factor, there were many outstanding posts, but we selected the posts on absolutely bizarre animals and an absolutely disgusting post on some extremely scary spiders (with accompanying pictures that were equally scary).


    Finally, for value, we chose the post on The 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World in 2013 and the post on the 10 Most Dangerous Gangs In The World for their informative value.

    Obviously these factors are subjective and for our first new site of the month contest we received a fairly limited number of submissions, but we want to congratulate for winning our very first new site of the month contest. We look forward to future contests and we hope to see more entrants in the future!

    13 Facts About Alcohol Abuse You Didn’t Know

    In our society, abusing alcohol to a certain level is acceptable – sober living is often seen as “boring”.  Binge drinking is even expected from college age kids.  But while alcohol use is often perceived as harmless fun, it can have severe real-world consequences and can be extremely difficult to quit.  Here are 13 facts about alcohol abuse you probably didn’t know. Continue reading 13 Facts About Alcohol Abuse You Didn’t Know

    In The Pursuit Of Knowledge

    It’s easy to forget that learning can be fun. When all of your learning as an adult is goal driven – that is, only undertaken for the sake of advancing your career or other driving forces in life, we forget that exploring and indulging our natural curiosity can be extremely healthy.

    Personally, I’ve always wondered many things. Not just about the origins of the universe, or as an example, whether the chicken or the egg came first, but about random things. I wonder how big mars is, or I wonder if I could ever make it to the top of Mt Everest.

    Depending on my mood, I might ponder the reasons cuban cigars are illegal, or how long could I live without water. The world is full of mystery and wonder, waiting to be solved.

    Perhaps more than anything, I want to better understand my own psyche. What drives me to think my thoughts, what is the nature of consciousness, why do I dream? I have no idea, but through reading, discussion, and reflection, I come further to understanding the truth.